ED Twitterまとめ


@riprock96 2017/11/07 08:19
RT @realDonaldTrump: The state of Virginia economy, under Democrat rule, has been terrible. If you vote ED Gillespie tomorrow, it will come…

@Dr_Ed_L 2017/11/07 08:19
@DonaldJTrumpJr @EDWGillespie @VA_GOP You must mean freEDom and opportunity for white supremacists, neo-nazis, and… https://t.co/05Dp2jf02q

@aliliv777 2017/11/07 08:19
RT @Cernovich: Virginia! Every vote counts. Trigger the fake news mEDia, Vote ED Gillespie!

@pilot77 2017/11/07 08:19
Google's November system images and OTA files for Nexus and Pixel devices are (mostly) live https://t.co/9g4RLKoyj1 via @Appy_Geek

@AlyssaFafel 2017/11/07 08:19
RT @ChrisLu44: After another tragEDy, we neED real leadership, not more empty words. And ED Gillespie is no leader. #VoteNortham https://t.…

@persdaughter 2017/11/07 08:19
@HAV0KGIRL Hai ragione! ED e cosi terribile viverci?

@DiegoRosas_01 2017/11/07 08:19
RT @sheeranhome: ED no toco la guitarra pero lo compenso con ese traje hermoso ahre

@muellerew 2017/11/07 08:19
RT @TrumpTrain45Pac: ED Gillespie: “I have put forward 21 specific, detailED policy proposals to make life better for all Virginians." http…

@CPottoo 2017/11/07 08:19
RT @ncasn_: ED sheeran - perfect

@MichaelDelauzon 2017/11/07 08:19
RT @dcexaminer: Trump: Virginia's economy will come "roaring back" if ED Gillespie electED as governor https://t.co/cNcnCjA5JN https://t.co…